The Diamond Mine is committed to excellence by providing athletes with a well equipped, well staffed wholesome, baseball and softball training facility that is a challenging, productive learning environment for athletes at all ages and prepares these athl

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Pitching University

The Pitching University
The Diamond Mine


Pitching 101 - The Competitive Pitcher

This 10 week course is designed for beginning pitchers or pitchers that need some positive instruction in order to be successful.  The course is designed to help pitchers build a strong base of pitching mechanics.  The student will learn the Big 5 of pitching, which emphasizes being able to throw a fastball on both sides of the plate, be able to throw a breaking ball when behind in the count, be able to throw a change-up when behind in the count, be able to control the running game and also be able to field his position.  Instruction will also be given in pitch development and strong bullpen plans that will prepare a student for game situations.

Pitching 201 - The Dynamic Pitcher

This course is designed for the pitcher that has completed The Competitive Pitcher and is interested in velocity improvement.  The Dynamic Pitcher focuses on flexibility, strength and velocity development.  Students that take this course will improve their velocity drastically during the 10 week course.  Students’ progress will be charted each week to insure overall improvement.  A strong commitment to the program as outlined by Pitching University is vital to reach maximum results.  Students will use tubing, medicine balls, a pitching balance beam and each week will be pushed to increase results from the week before.  Students that take this course will be asked to buy a 14 lb medicine ball, a 2 lb medicine ball, an oscillating bar and tubing. Students have seen dramatic results in this course.
Prerequisite:  Pitching 101


Pitching 301 -  The Complete Pitcher

This 10 week course is designed for the pitcher that has completed The Dynamic Pitcher and is highly skilled mechanically and is committed to competing beyond high school or college.  The Complete pitcher program will take a strong commitment to pitching improvement.  Students will learn new strengthening exercises for the core and for shoulders.  Students will incorporate a long toss program, pitch development, flexibility, velocity development and overall athleticism.  Students will use medicine balls, weighted balls, oscillating bars, tubing, hurdles, plyometric boxes and ramps to improve overall strength and flexibility.  Pitchers in this program will be among the elite in their area.  Students that take this course will be expected to invest in equipment to use at home for their overall development.
Prerequisite:  Pitching 201