The Diamond Mine is committed to excellence by providing athletes with a well equipped, well staffed wholesome, baseball and softball training facility that is a challenging, productive learning environment for athletes at all ages and prepares these athl

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The program that Coach Chaplain does is well worth the time and money, if you are willing to work.  I did the velocity program from December into February, and my velocity jumped substantially.  The only way this program will work is if you are completely bought in and do your exercises everyday.  I did my exercises everyday and my velocity jumped 7 mph on almost every throwing drill.  The velocity increase has translated greatly onto the field considering I've only given up 4 or 5 hits in 9 1/3 innings of work. Long story short, do the exercises habitually and get the results you want. 

-Adam Grice  (2013 Georgia College & State University Commit)

The pitching program at "The Diamond Mine" has changed the way Tucker plays baseball. He has spent many years receiving instruction from Coach Chaplain and Coach McCain. Starting with Ken at 8 years old for hitting, and Darin later for pitching. He is now able to compete at a more advanced level than his age. At age 13 he took his first lessons for velocity. These not only increased his arm speed but also his confidence. At age 14, after his second session, he is now able to compete and succeed at the 16u and 18u level,  as well as high school. Thank you Darin for teaching him the proper mechanics, and mental toughness to excel against any team or situation. You can tell Coach Chaplain and McCain have a true love for these players and pour their lives into them. We are excited to start the next level of velocity. 

-Keith Kuykendall 2013