The Diamond Mine is committed to excellence by providing athletes with a well equipped, well staffed wholesome, baseball and softball training facility that is a challenging, productive learning environment for athletes at all ages and prepares these athl

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Hitting Leagues Information
  • The Fall Hitting League for high school baseball and softball teams starts in late October and finishes mid-December. 
  • The Winter Hitting League for middle schools will begin the week of January 12th.
  • The Spring Hitting League for youth ages 8-11 will begin the week of March 9th.
  • Download your registration form and send it in to secure you and your team in one of the hitting leagues.

The hitting league consists of 4 to 5 members on a team from the 9th-12th grades. The team competes in an indoor hitting league at The Diamond Mine Baseball and Softball training The league will start the week of October 22nd. The cost is $65.00 per player for the season. Call 665-7787 for more information.  (Also see sign-up form below.)
The hitting league consists of 4-5 player teams that compete in a league of other teams.  Teams play head to head in 7 inning games with each player on a team receiving 6 swings per inning.  The scoring is based on the number of base hits a player gets.  Scoring areas are attached to the batting tunnels and will determine base hits, and different scoring areas represent different point values.  At the season's end, the top teams will compete in a playoff to determine the hitting league champion.  Team and individual awards will be presented to the winning team and MVP.  Players will be allowed to take extra swings off the tees and batting tunnels that are not being used for competitions.  (For official rules, click here.)