The Diamond Mine is committed to excellence by providing athletes with a well equipped, well staffed wholesome, baseball and softball training facility that is a challenging, productive learning environment for athletes at all ages and prepares these athl

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High School College Year

1)     David Mendez                           Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy   Limestone College                 2012
2)     Cody Dills                                  Swain County High School                  Belmont Abbey College         2012  
3)     Russell Taylor                            Madison High School                          Mars Hill College                   2012
4)      Ian Evans                                  Blue Ridge High School                      Gallaudet University               2012
5)      Trey Goodlet                             Pisgah High School                             Catawba Valley CC                 2012     
6)      Tate Robinson                           Mountain Heritage High School           Milligan College                    2012 
7)      Bradley Oakes                           Enka High School                               Montreat College                    2012                       


Fall 2011 Team


Name High School College Year

1)     Chanz Fritz                                                      Franklin High School                                    Toccoa Falls College                 2011
2)    Chris Rice                                        Hendersonville High School              Saint Andrews University   2011 
3)    Zach Wiseman                                 Mountain Heritage High School        UNC-Asheville                    2011
4)    Jared Carver                                    McDowell High School                      Milligan College                2011
5)    Tanner Gerber                                  Franklin High School                       Catawba Valley                  2011
6)    Will Odom                                       RS Central High School                    Brevard College                 2011  


Fall 2010 Team



Name High School College Year

  1)   JD Chaplan                                                          Owen High School                                      Brevard College                         2010
  2)   Caleb Harbin                                                       Pisgah High School                                    Montreat College                       2010
  3)   Martin Ray                                                          Pisgah High School                                    Wilkes Community College    2010
  4)   Brian Curry                                                         Pisgah High School                                    Wilkes Community College    2010
  5)   Josh Weidie                                                        Asheville High                                             Wake Forest University           2010
  6)   Dylan Hensley                                                   Owen High School                                      Montreat College                       2010
  7)   Thomas Brown                                                  Owen High School                                      Brevard College                         2010




Fall 2009

No       Name                          High School                           College                                               Year
1          Cody Jones                  Enka High School                     Western Carolina University        2009
2          Ryan Woodring           Enka High School                     North Greenville University         2009
3          Jared Clark                  Avery High School                   Lenoir Rhyne College                    2009
4          Steven Daniels           Avery High School                   Catawba Valley Community         2009
5          Joey Duncan              McDowell High School              Montreat College                            2009
6          Jonathan Groce          Owen High School                   Catawba Valley Community         2009
7          Tyler Hopkins             McDowell High School             Montreat College                            2009
8          Eli Miller                      McDowell High School             UNC-Asheville                                2009
9          Justin O’Dear              McDowell High School            Catawba Valley Community          2009
10        Brent Rowe                 McDowell High School            Montreat College                             2009
11        Steven Wilson            Mountain Heritage High         Catawba Valley Community          2009
12        Bryce Danielson         West Henderson High            Wingate College                              2009


Fall 2008 Team

No Name High School College Year
1 Adam Curtis TC Roberson Western Carolina University 2008
2 Josh Huskins McDowell Blue Ridge Community College 2008
3 Josh Thompson McDowell Blue Ridge Community College 2008
4 Anthony Ianetta TC Roberson LaGrange College 2008
5 Kevin Searcy North Henderson Blue Ridge Community College 2008
6 Ali Knowles Christ School Appalachian State University 2008
7 Mitch Mincey Smoky Mountain Mars Hill College 2008
8 Zach Wilson Chase Wake Technical Community College 2008
9 Caleb Suddreth Enka Catawba Valley Community College 2008

Fall 2007 Team

No Name High School College Year
1 Andrew Blackwell Brevard High School Western Carolina University 2007
2 Kramer Clark Enka High School Gardner Webb University 2007
3 Jeremy Freeman McDowell High School Gardner Webb University 2007
4 John Smith West Henderson High School Newberry College 2007
5 Justin Johnson McDowell High School Spartanburg Methodist College 2007
6 Tanner Yarboro Polk County High School North Greenville University 2007
7 Casey Burnette Franklin High School Brevard College 2007
8 Keith Snethen R-S Central High School Spartanburg Methodist College 2007
9 Ethan Pressley North Henderson High School Blue Ridge Community College 2007
10 Josh Cornwell East Henderson High School Blue Ridge Community College 2007
11 Jordan Benton Asheville High School Young Harris College 2007
12 Johnathon Garmon R-S Central High School Surry Community College 2007


Fall 2006 Team

No Name High School College Year
1 Michael Brittian Enka High School Mars Hill College 2006
2 Daniel Goodnight East Rutherford High School North Greenville University 2006
3 Jacob Hardin Asheville Christian Academy North Greenville University 2006
4 Dave Koppenheffer TC Roberson High School Belmont-Abbey College 2006
5 Ben McCurry RS Central High School Brevard College 2006
6 Alex McMahan Rosman High School Gardner Webb University 2006
7 Kyle Paeplow A.C Reynolds High School Gardner Webb University 2006
8 Weston Pearson Owen High School Milligan College 2006
9 Parker Price TC Roberson High School USC Sumter 2006
10 Chris Silvers Enka High School Mars Hill College 2006
11 Jaime Gutierrez Asheville High School Western Carolina University 2006