The Diamond Mine is committed to excellence by providing athletes with a well equipped, well staffed wholesome, baseball and softball training facility that is a challenging, productive learning environment for athletes at all ages and prepares these athl

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Lessons are available for ½ hour rates and hourly rates.  Please Note:


1)  Each individual instructor sets their own rates for lessons.

2)  Diamond Mine Members and Team Members receive discounts on individual lessons.


Individual Lessons
½ hour rates are $35.00
1 hour rates are $55.00
*Lesson rates are set by each individual instructor and could vary.

Buddy Lessons
½ hour $40.00
1 hour $80.00

Group Lessons
5 players $125.00 per hour

Team Lessons & Coaches Clinics

Ask for details


Lessons include a pre-evaluation and a post evaluation along with video analysis.